Get Ready for Winter Surfing in Canada with these Tips

Get Ready for Winter Surfing in Canada with these Tips

Surfing may seem like a crazy idea to you at this time because the best time to try surfing in Canada is in the spring or fall but die- hards get attracted towards the shores during winters. According to surfers once you are on the water, its just awesome.

Moreover, there will be no hordes of wave riders and no queue for the surf during this season. All these reasons are enough to hit the Canadian shore this winter. But here are a few tips which can make your cold water surfing really enjoyable.


    If you really want to enjoy chilled waves, then good rubber is essential. Look out for such suit, which provides warmth and keep you dry. It's not good to struggle in a wet and soaking wetsuit in a chilled winter day.

    Look out for the right size, if your wetsuit is too tight it will restrict the blood flow and make you feel more chilled. If the water is really cold then consider a heated suit or a vest. When your feet are frozen, then your toes may get hurt from the sharp rocks, so buy a good pair of boots for you.

    No one wants an ice cream headache and chilled hands on a frozen winter day. Hoods and gloves will protect you from this and let you enjoy your ride on the wave.

    Prepare yourself well

      Hit the ocean, taking complex carbs, water and protein. While you are heading to the ocean blast the heaters in the car. When you submerge yourself in the cold water, your heart will reduce the blood flow to your hands, feet and your skin.

      The body defence mechanism do this to keep warm blood for the vital organs but this makes the feet and hands unusable which is not at all a good thing. So before getting into the water, do stretches and warm up your body.

      Don't sit idle

        During your session, keep moving, no matter what you need to do for that. Move your feet, rub your hands, switch positions or paddle. Do anything to create a motion and make yourself warm.

        Cold water surfing is very tiring, as your body needs energy to stay warm. Don't stick too long, move to the shore when still some energy is left in you.

        Enjoy post surf

        Nothing can compare the exquisite feeling of getting warm and toasty after facing prolonged exposure to the cold. So build a fire on the beach and wrap yourself up in warm clothes and make the most of this time.

        There are several spots in Canada where you can do surfing all the year round. Tofino, Bc which is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a perfect winter surfing spot. If you are really advanced in surfing you can also try Cox Bay.

        From west coast now move to the east coast. Halifax, Nova Scotia and Queens County, Nova Scotia both have been the most loving hotspots from the 70s. So prepare yourself for a wonderful experience these winters, grabbing a wetsuit.

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