About Us

Yatta Life is the brand for the recreationalist who like getting outdoors.

We believe that there should be more to life than just the 9 to 5. We believe in going outdoors, having fun and making physical fitness something that can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine. Whether it is hanging out with family or friends, or just running solo on a mountain trail in the middle of winter, being outdoors helps to make everything seem more alive.

The fun fitness concept 

Our inspiration for the Yatta Life brand is “fun fitness”. Fitness should be something that everyone can do and you should have fun doing it. It shouldn’t mean signing up for an expensive gym membership, working out with a personal trainer, or making a workout something that you need to schedule in advance. Sometimes you just want to put on a jacket and running shoes and hit the road. In short, sometimes you just want to get outdoors when the inspiration strikes.

That’s why we’re developing a full range of gear for hiking adventures and outdoor fitness. We believe that hiking, trail running and just being outdoors should be something that can be enjoyed year-round. There’s something wonderful and extraordinary about hiking in the wintry woods solo or with a close companion, and that’s the spirit that we are trying to capture with our winter trail gear. We’re all about making fitness fun, and we don’t want weather to hold you back.

The Yatta Life community 

Yatta Life is building an enthusiastic community of recreationists. These are doers who prefer to get outside whenever they can. They are men and women of action, people who won’t let bad weather get in the way of spending time outdoors. And, most of all, these are recreationists who still manage to find the time to get outdoors with family and friends, no matter what their other commitments in life are.


We’re proud to design gear for these recreationists. We’re excited to hear about their new adventures, and about their new plans for getting outdoors. If you like having fun, if you like hanging out outdoors, and if you are inspired by just looking up at the sky and imagining the world of tomorrow, then you are the sort of person we’re looking to meet. Let’s inspire each other.

The Yatta Life culture

When we first started the Yatta Life brand, we simply knew that we wanted it to stand for getting outdoors and having fun. Since that time, we’ve learned the value of creating a certain culture around the brand. Yatta Life is about people who are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy the great outdoors. It is about constantly creating new tools and new gear so that there is never another reason not to get outdoors. It is about constantly exploring and finding something new.


At Yatta Life, we all come from a variety of different backgrounds, but at the core, we are all recreationists who appreciate the value of getting outdoors. Join us on our mission to make fitness fun again.