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Hiking Alberta with your kids: top 7 family-friendly hikes near Calgary

Hiking Alberta with your kids: top 7 family-friendly hikes near Calgary

Hiking is a great activity you can do with your kids. While you can enjoy one of your favourite hobbies, they can discover an entirely new world. It´s such an excellent opportunity to make unforgettable family memories.


Because we know that it can be overwhelming to find the right hike for your family, we have put together a list of 7 family-friendly hikes in Alberta.


From walking through canyons to thoroughly enjoying the views of one of the beautiful lakes of the country, these are the best family-friendly hikes you can do in Alberta.


Johnston Canyon and Falls hike


We have to say this one is one of the most kid-friendly hikes in Alberta.


Johnston Canyon, close to Calgary, is a scenic and easy hike perfect for all the family. You will walk through the beautiful canyon, breathtaking landscape, and emerald blue falls. The trail´s one of the busiest hikes over the summer, so arrive early to avoid the crowds.


There are a few trails to do. You can choose between going up to one of the falls or adventure yourself and complete both routes reaching the two falls. It shouldn´t take you more than half-day in completing both. They are around 5.5 km long.


It´s a super easy hike to do with your kids, and it´s all paved. This hike can be one of Alberta’s best kid-friendly hikes if you have a stroller with you. There is even an ice-cream truck at the end of the hiking.


Moraine Lake

This trail has to be on top of your list of kid-friendly hikes in Alberta.  

This comfortable and nice hour-long hike around the shore of Moraine lake is a great way to start the day with your family if you are around the area. The natural and unspoiled landscape is superb, and everyone will enjoy it.  There are different activities, such as birdwatching.

We will recommend completing it over the summer months. It´s a dog-friendly hike, too, although the dog has to be on a leash.

The pictured-postcard views of the Fay Glacier are unique in this hike.


Lake Louise 

Lake Louise creek trail is a longer hike, but it´s also really deserving of giving it a go. 

Located at Banff National Park’s heart is one of Alberta’s most beautiful and scenic family-friendly hikes. You will find some inclination during the route; therefore, we will recommend it for older kids. The views are so worthy in this hike. If you are looking for a fun day after completing the walk, some companies organize wild water activities like rafting.

This hike is also a busy one; hence prepare ahead if you want to find parking. As early birds get the worms, we will recommend you to set early, especially during the summer months.


Paddy´s Flat Interpretive

It´s a straightforward hike within the area of Kananaskis. The hike is only 2 kilometres, but you can get a bit of everything. While walking, you will get the calm of the river Elbow and enjoy the endless forest.

It´s a kid-friendly hike near Calgary, which is perfect if you are camping around the area. The campgrounds are unserviced, but they have the necessary camping facilities. Plan in advance if you want to stay there as they are first-come, first-serve. 


Quarry Lake Loop

The Canmore National Park, located in the West of Alberta province, has many good family-friendly hikes options. 

Quarry Lake Loop is one of them. A short and peaceful trail will make your family and kiddos enjoy a great outdoor time. The total distance of the walk is a bit over one kilometre.

This small but scenic trail will take you about an hour to complete, and you will surround the lake Quarry. It´s a straightforward one to do, although some of the paths are just at the edges of the lake. So, be cautious when doing it with young kids.

Through the hike, you are going to have a panoramic view of the mountains. This one is suitable to do in the winter months, but be careful with the ice.

There are restrooms and a parking area close to the start of the trail.


Sulphur Mountain Summit Trail

Banff is one of the most kids-friendly holiday destinations in the country. Each year holidaymakers head to the area to enjoy a well-deserved break.

If you decide to have a summer break here, you have to complete this fantastic walk. The hike is 10 km, which can be a bit long for young kids. If you want to do it shorter, you can take the Gondola service on your way back. There is a tricky elevation, so it can be quite challenging if you aren´t an often hiker.

The landscape and surroundings are beautiful, and we are sure you will get a fantastic day out with your family. The views from the mountains are breathtaking.


Source Spring Trail 

With more than 11,000 square metres of landscape, Jasper’s National Park has many options for kid-friendly hikes in Alberta.

The source spring trail is such a great place to explore with your kids. Most of the people who visited make their base at the Pocahontas campgrounds and explore the region’s different options. This easy hike in Alberta is a light walk where you and your family can enjoy the hot springs. The trail is paved, and it´s stroller friendly.

We will recommend heading to the bridge near Sulphur Creek. You will enjoy the wonderful views, and your kids will discover the origin of the hot springs.

We hope we have inspired you to get outdoors this season. Having kids doesn't have to stop you from hiking the beautiful mountains of Alberta, you will only have to adapt.

Having time in nature is one of the precious gifts you can give to your family. Make sure to check out one of these hikes we've mentioned here. And if you have any suggestions for more kid-friendly hikes near Calgary, Alberta, let us know!