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Industrial Ice Cleats for Reducing Slips and Falls

Industrial Ice Cleats for Reducing Slips and Falls

Slips and falls can happen in any profession, whether your workplace is hazardous like an industry or you work in a safe environment like an office.

It is important for the employees to be cautious while working and follow the guidelines to prevent any slips or injuries.

Discover the risks

Industries must find out the frequent reasons behind trips, slips and falls before giving guidelines to the employees. These risks are more likely in some industries, while less in others.


Trips usually happen when your foot gets caught in something or you hit an obstacle. Industries who deal with cords, cables and ropes witness more tripping injuries. The best way to deal with this is to clear the obstacles and clutter from the pathways.

In Non-industrial spaces, uneven surfaces, rugs and unmarked steps can trip employees.


Slips happen when there is less friction between the surface and the footwear. The common reason behind this is  improperly cleaned liquids on the floor or dry out materials.

Inappropriate footwear also increases the chances of slipping.


There are various reasons for falling in the workplace, such as poor lighting, uneven floor, and unsuitable floor coverings. Industries must ensure proper safety protocols if they deal with high height work for preventing serious fall injuries.


For creating a safe and injury-free working environment industries must invest in effective slip resistance footwear.

There are several brands that are quite serious about the quality of micro crampons, they perform various tests to ensure their product quality.

Yatta life is one of them, which provides ultimate winter ice cleats that can wear over boots. Our Removable trailspikes facilitate the workers to take off the cleats when they came back indoors.

Our hiking spikes are light and easy to use, with stainless steel spikes, rubber elastomer and durable elastic harness one can handle anything effortlessly. A product like ours will help you prevent falls and trips in your workspace.

Create a safe environment

After discovering the risks and investing your money in the right footwear now it's important to document your policies and procedures for creating a safe environment for your staff.

According to an estimate, $70 billion is annually spent in the US for workers compensation and providing medical care to them.

A company who is committed to safety witness fewer cases of mishappening. Give responsibility to each faculty member to check if his or her team is following the safety measures or not.

Your efforts will give your staff peace of mind and they will do their job more confidently.

Summing up

At the end, an employee can easily reduce the chance of slips and falls at there workspace by adopting proper safety measures, investing money on quality ice cleats for shoes, installing slip resistant mats, safety structures and by changing the attitude towards slips, trips, and falls.

By considering these things they can easily reduce the chances of injuries and improves productivity.

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