Meet the Modern Recreationalist

Meet the Modern Recreationalist

In today’s “always on” digital culture, it seems as though society has lost touch with nature and the physical world around us. We spend so much of our lives tethered to our devices and staring at our screens that we may spend little, if any, time outdoors experiencing the beauty of nature. We are turning into a society where sitting is the new norm, whether it is sitting in front of our computers or sitting in front of our TVs.

And thus was born the modern recreationalist.

A recreationalist is a doer, someone who makes time to get outdoors, regardless of the weather or the season. The modern recreationalist is someone who enjoys spending time with nature. Sometimes, it means contemplating and enjoying their surroundings alone. At other times, it means spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors.

The best part is that anybody, regardless of age or physical ability, can be a recreationalist. Young or old, strong or weak, it doesn’t matter. A modern recreationalist can be a young millennial training for a triathlon or a Baby Boomer retiree, simply content to go for the occasional hike in the woods.

That’s because being a recreationalist is a state of mind, not a series of accomplishments. You don’t win a medal or collect a badge to become a recreationalist. There are no awards to be won, no rivals to be vanquished, and no glory to be attained by outlasting one’s peers.

 Think of going for a hike on a mountain trail simply because you want to get away from it all, or taking your bike out for a ride in the great outdoors simply to feel the wind rushing against your body. Think of going camping in the woods, or going for a long run in the country.

There is something uniquely inspiring about being outside and contemplating the marvels of this world. Whether it is staring up at the sky from the middle of a trail, or staring down at the world from the top of a mountain peak, being outdoors gives you a sense of perspective that just isn’t possible anywhere else.

Being a modern recreationalist means wanting to get outdoors, even when the weather is not great. It means looking out at the snow falling from the sky and wondering if maybe, just maybe, there might be a way to go for a hike. Being a recreationalist can be empowering. Where others see hazards – like icy roads or slippery trails – a recreationalist sees opportunity.

There is something vital that connects all recreationalists together – a shared love of the great outdoors. Being a recreationalist means being part of a community of doers who enjoy getting outdoors. Some of these doers are hikers, some are runners, some are bikers, and still others are campers. What they all have in common is a common desire to push themselves to experience all there is outdoors. Rain or shine, they are willing to hit the trail. While others are indoors sitting, recreationalists are outdoors, doing.

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