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10 Best Virtual Runs for This Summer

<span>10 </span>Best Virtual Runs <span>for This Summer</span>

In the times of social distancing and lockdowns, virtual runs rescue fitness freaks from boredom. From no-crowd road scene to the freedom to pick a location, the benefits and pros of virtual running are many.

The options are infinite. As a beginner with a treadmill, you can pick short virtual races or as a pro runner with accessible hiking trails, you can prefer 10K virtual marathons. In short, you decide how you’d like to escape the inactive routine and then make a run for it, literally.

Here’s a list of 10 best virtual runs scheduled this summer. Participate in and as many of them as you want.

Virtual Run Events

  • Fees: $8-$54
  • Highlight: Themes and Quirky Medals

From COVID-19 Relief to July Races, Virtual Run Events offer themed events galore. You will also find races that celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday. Here, you can run for fitness, to raise funds for various causes, for collectible medals, or cupcakes.

Disney Virtual Run

  • Fees: $40-$145
  • Highlight: Finisher Medal, Race Bib, and Certificate

Enjoy a 5K virtual run with Disney’s thematic Mad Tea Party, Space Mountain©, The Haunted Mansion©, or triple feat Virtual Challenge. The events will be happening from April 16 through August 31.


  • Fees: Free
  • Highlight: Run, Walk, or Roll

Join this Facebook page to participate in monthly virtual run challenges. You go for the moderate 8km run or aim for the ambitious 60km marathon in 42 hours. For under16, 3km and 5km runs are also available. The events of RWTW allow you to participate in groups as well. The upcoming challenge is 42.2km in 42 hours between 7th-9th August.

Virtual Runner UK

  • Fees: £5-£15
  • Highlight: Pick Preferred Date and Distance

Missed the dates of some of the virtual races or found them sold out? Head to Virtual Runner UK and find an event for any date you prefer. You can also find runs of specific distances and get custom medals after submitting your results online.

7 Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival

  • Fees: $35
  • Highlight: Community Run

Participate remotely and still be a part of a community with 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon that lets you connect with other runners online. You can register for the upcoming 5k, 2k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon happening on August 15-16.

Why I Run

  • Fees: $15-$50
  • Highlight: Women Virtual Run

Why I Run organizes virtual run for strong runner chicks. Run to stay active and pay to fund Girls Gotta Run. Options vary from 5k to trail running. Registration 2020 ends on August 1 for all except Vertical Miles (for trail runners), for which registrations are open till August 31. 

Ann Arbor Sports Commission Firecracker 5K

  • Fees: $27-$37
  • Highlight: Shirts, Facemask Buff, and Medals

Pick a day between July 4-31 to complete your Firecracker 5K virtual run. Submit your time to win awards through a virtual awards ceremony through Zoom on August 3 @ 7 PM. This year, raised funds will go to Rogel Cancer Center.

Great Run Across Michigan

  • Fees: $34.99-$50
  • Highlight: Certificate, Shirt, and Medal

Register, pick a day and start the challenge. You can run 115 miles (185km) in 40 days or 386 miles (621km) in 70 days. Too challenging? Register as a team to divide the miles and complete the task in 30 days. The money raised by the fees will benefit Kelleigh’s Cause.

Running is NOT Cancelled

  • Fees: $25
  • Highlight: One Flat Fee, Any Distance

Organized by Fleet Feet, the virtual event aims to keep runners motivated through COVID-19. Choose from 5K/10K/Half Marathon and upload proof. Finishers get a bib, a t-shirt, and a medal.

Virtual Wharf to Wharf Race

  • Fees: $35
  • Highlight: Bib, T-shirt, Free Training Plan, and Virtual Wharf Sticker

The 2-mile or 3.2km Wharf to Wharf Race is full of goodies. The event is scheduled for July 20-26. The first 7,000 participants will also get a Large Canister of Nuun and guaranteed access to Race 2021.

Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash