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The Top Trail Races for the Ultimate Trail Runner

The Top Trail Races for the Ultimate Trail Runner

Trail racing has come to stay, no doubt about that. The total freedom and abandon availed you while running in the most deserted of places, and away from the contraptions of modern life is incomparable. But for the very same reasons, trails are not for the faint of heart. the rocks, woods and creeks, all the little bits and pieces that make the difference between running on the asphalt and on a trail.

For whatever reason you decide to do a trail run, do not forget to get adequately prepared for the run. Getting a whiff of fresh country air to fill up your lungs is more than enough reason to switch the asphalt for the trail and get kicking. With the right equipment and tools on ground, picking the trail to run is the next step closer to the adventure of trail running.

For anyone willing to take the run that has attracted millions of new runners over the years, here is a run through of some of the best trail races being held around the globe.

  1. Safaricom marathon takes you through Kenya as you run in the shadow of the impressive Mount Kenya. This race not only takes you and some one thousand other runners through the beauty of Kenya’s conservatory, but also means some more money for the conservation efforts as well as the community. Every June, feel free to take a hike and soak up the beauty of Kenya. 
  2. Endurance Life Coastal series, Lulworth Cove, Dorset. The breathtaking coastal scenery warms your insides even as you fight the fatigue of the Jurassic coast path and the Devon and Northumberland coastal trails. Enjoy a bit of history as the trail winds through the Durdle Door arch and relax your aching muscles in the afterparty.
  3. Mont Blanc France. Run along one of the oldest trails ever, located in France. The trail takes you from Chamonix square through a 26mile run that passes through the valleys surrounding the city. The beauty of western Europe is revealed along this trail, in the quaint hamlets, meadows and the beauty of the mountains (well, be ready for some climbing). Are you up to this challenge?
  4. Imogene Pass Run, Colorado takes you through the San Juan peaks. Beginning at Ouray, and through a dirt road that runs about 17 miles, this traditional Colorado trail takes runners through the highest point of the Imogene Pass, some 13,000 plus feet high and then back down through Tomboy road and into Telluride.
  5. Jungle Marathon Brazil; well the name pretty much says it all, prepare for a wild run peppered with snake infested, mosquito swarming swamps. The race starts with several jungle survival trainings and acclimatization period, and as if it wasn’t scary enough, the base camp from where the races begin can only be reached via boat ride; what more could possibly be more challenging?
  6. X-Terra Trail Run World Championship Hawaii; open to all and sundry, despite the competitive looking names. This trail takes runners through 13.1 miles of dense jungle, steep mountain routes with beautiful glimpses of the ocean and through lush pastures along this North Eastern shore of Oahu.
  7. Cadar Idris mountain race Dollgellau Wales takes you through steep, ice covered Cader Idris up the Pony Path to the peak, a whooping 3000ft climb that will grant you enough buzz to take you till the next race.
  8. Isle of Jura Fell Race Scotland. This race requires some intricate navigation skills and about 4 hours as you race through seven mountain peaks covering over 28 kilometers. Get rewarded with amazing views of the Hebrides and the opportunity to spot some rare wildlife along the trail.