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Top 10 Tips to Stop Climate Change

Top 10 Tips to Stop Climate Change

Melting ice caps and soaring temperature, these high stakes on the climate change triggers fear among the masses. But your tiny carbon footprints can impact the big picture of the climate change. We don't need colonization on another planet until we follow below tips to protect our environment.

1. Save energy

Every appliance out there in your home consumes energy. Switching off lights is not enough, bought such appliances which have energy star labels and audit your whole home energy system. Replace your light bulbs with LEDs and compact fluorescents, avoid the use of hand dryers, they consume a lot of power.

2. Go green with your conveyance

Walk out to your nearby grocery store or try a bike ride to your gym. These activities reduce carbon footprint as well as get you in shape. Try out carpool if you find it difficult to avoid your car, plan your trips and errands in advance and merge them in a single trip to save fuel and the environment.

3. Reuse and recycle

Next time when you are going out for shopping, choose that stuff that is packaged in a recyclable material such as glass jars and cans. Use plastic bags to pack small items and glass jars for keeping your household stuff.

4. Use water wisely

According to a research, about 2.7 billion people in the world will experience water scarcity by 2025. Canada will soon face this issue as most of the Canadians are moving out to rapid growing metropolitan areas where water supply is already limited and the increased surface and groundwater pollution are reducing the available fresh water. Save water by closing your faucets after use, in case you have a leaking pipe, then fix it immediately because every drop counts.

5. Eat organic

Do a favour to the earth by eating organic food, they are grown without synthetic fertilizers hence good for health. It will be good for the earth if you grow your own food as the storage and transport of food contribute to greenhouse gases.

6. Don't control the climate, live with it

We have become habitual to live in a controlled environment, do we need to control the climate everywhere from our car to home to our workplaces?

In extreme weather, there is need to maintain the body temperature. But can't we live in the climate when the temperature is good out there? Don't contribute in killing the planet, use your air conditioner when the climate is really bad and not every time.

7. Use Renewable power

Switch yourself to clean and green energy such as solar and wind energy. Solar energy is a popular renewable power which is readily available. Check out cost-effective solar panels, they will power your home without affecting the planet.

8. Be informed

The best way to combat climate change is to become informed about it. Literate yourself about what's going out in climate change and what you can do about this. Look out for what policymakers are discussing?

9. Plant a tree

What is better than growing a tree for reducing global warming? The plant gives oxygen and takes carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which is the main reason behind global warming.

10. Educate others

If you are following green strategies to make this world a better place. Then it will become your duty to educate others on this because eventually everyone's contribution will be required to change the situation. Start with your community and then move towards big institutions and world forums.

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