Walking the Great Outdoors is the Best Exercise  

Walking the Great Outdoors is the Best Exercise  

January 06, 2018

A single activity that can reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is none other than walking. It relaxes the body and reduces anxiety, there are several benefits of walking outdoors rather than in a gym. Let's discuss them below: 

  • Protects against depression

  • A feel-good chemical Endorphin is released when our body moves. This chemical sedates you and gives your feelings of happiness. That's why walking and exercising is recommended to improve mild to moderate depression.

    Helps you sleep better

    Sounds, smells and beauty of nature are enough to calm the mind. Melatonin hormone which alerts you to go to bed helps in setting the internal clock of the body. Camping, hiking, and walking increases melotonin levels, this would help you sleep better at night.

    Good for heart

    Walking increases blood circulation and lung capacity to take in oxygen and other nutrients. For heart physical activities are always great, they improve the heart rate thus strengthen the heart.

  • Calms the mind

  • Ice covered mountains, the shining sun, beautiful birds, stunning landscapes are enough to make your mind calm. Time slows down with nature, deadlines and the clock time makes us stressed all the day. Nature melts the time away and as the trees grow slowly you will also start following your natural rhythm.

  • Take you close to the divine

  • The great mother nature helps you connect to the Almighty. You will feel his presence and receive guidance when you need his help. Going for a walk alone or with friends is the best way to connect with your own spirit and with the holy spirit.

    What research say?

    Researchers indicate that intense workouts and their duration have a great effect on the feeling of the people. What people don't enjoy they will surely discard it.

    Trainers and fitness freaks are now focusing their attention on  short intense workouts. These exercises are so slight that it will lessen the likelihood that people will say that they don't have time to do it. But still some people who do short high-intensity exercises get bored within weeks and stop doing workouts.

    A vigorous walk in the woods, however, may provide them the mental boost that they need to keep them moving. But if you still have a lot of excuses for skipping a walk in spite of the plentiful time in the weekends then check out how to stay motivated.

    How to stay motivated?

    The best way to stay motivated for a walk is to include other people. Join a walking group or ask your friends or coworkers to join you.

    • Install pedometer app on your phone and count your steps each day. First, count how many steps you normally take each day. Set a goal for you each day and increase your steps each week.
    • After lunch takes a walk, instead of taking a coffee break take a break for the walk.
    • If possible go on foot to your office, school or to a nearby restaurant.
    • Go camping or hiking with your friends on weekends.
    • Participate in organized walks for improving your fitness level.
    • Take your dog for a long walk, but don't forget to take your water bottle.

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