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Yatta Life is Presenting Trail Spikes to Canada

Yatta Life is Presenting Trail Spikes to Canada

Yatta life is launching “Trail Spikes” to Canada, which is one of the most popular winter outdoor destinations. The brand is well received in America for its durable quality and peak performance.

In spite of being new, Yatta life gets a great collection and a lot of appreciation for quality winter shoe spikes in the American market.

Yatta is now very proud to introduce it's Trail Spikes to Canada for mountain climbers, winter adventurers, and fitness freaks.

Designed for traction

Yatta ice grips are made for those who don't like being stopped. Whether you are an explorer, hiker or a climber, ice and snow have been always a challenge. Walking in a trial packed with snow and ice is not easy, especially with heavy footwear.

Your footwear must allow you to move freely and must be easy to put on. These ice cleats are light and ensure a tight hold on the shoe. They are easy to store and intended to protect you from harsh weather and hazardous terrain. As they are made up of stainless steel you don't need to worry about the wear and tear.

Best for winter sports

Winters is the time to sharpen your blades and move towards the best places in Canada to indulge yourself in the passion of winter sports. Whether you like skiing, skateboarding or ice skating, these Trail pikes will let you enjoy your winters without slipping away.

So pack your bags and do materialize your dream with reliable ice grips. Canada is blessed with snow during winters and this winter the snowfall is really impressive. Don't miss this amazing opportunity, mother nature has a lot to give you.

Yatta life is pleased to announce this launch amidst winter sports. So don't worry about the weather out there with these complete winter traction system and enjoy Canadians winters.

Solitary hiking or walking

Being on a trail all by yourself is very rewarding, solitude gives us time to think about ourselves, it's a great chance to meditate and for self-examination. But safety is a very important concern for solo hikers, especially during winters.

Yatta life has designed the best ice grippers for boots for such people who like doing their adventures alone. It's easy to walk putting these lightweight trailspikes, so pick your destination without any hesitations and get the most beautiful rewards from mother nature in the form of peace and joy.

Summing up:

With the launch of Yatta's new products in Canada, you no longer need to worry about the outdoor weather. Participate in the great winter sports or plan a hiking trip in Jasper, Banff national park, Kootenay or Gatineau National Park.

Canadians don't shy away from winters, there are several winter destinations across Canada with are waiting for your arrival. So reignite your love for winter putting Yatta life ice grips which lessens the risk of falling and let you venture confidently into the great outdoors.

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