Best Winter Hiking Destinations in Canada

Best Winter Hiking Destinations in Canada

January 19, 2018

Canada provides wonderful opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts during winters from ice skating to hiking and from dog sledding to camping. There are lots of things you can do in this winter wonderland, so pack your bags and get ready to explore the most impressive natural scenery and wildlife with a pair of trail spikes.

  • Mont Tremblant National Park

  • Mount Tremblant national park is a paradise with an abundance of rivers, hills and lakes. It is a rich blend of nature and culture heritage, it's an impressive spot that is perfect for an adventurer. While you are heading to this wonderful place don't forget to pack your trailspikes crampons.

  • Algonquin Park

  • Algonquin Park becomes fascinating during winter. The deep snow, the amazing wildlife and the solitude of this place are appealing. Try Snowshoeing and travel along one of the informative trails or make your own trail. Track down deer, moose, martins from their marks in the snow or go for skiing.

  • Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta

  • Visit the picture perfect Miquelon Lake Provincial Park which is just 49 minutes away from southeast Edmonton. This is a perfect destination for campers, cross-country skiers, hikers and outdoors enthusiast. About 20 kilometers trails are prepared regularly for cross-country skiers. Wander the trails to seek the Alberta wildlife like woodpeckers, coyotes and snowshoe hare.

  • Killarney Provincial Park

  • Experience outstanding hike in the looped 80km La Cloche-Silhouette Trail in Killarney as well as cross-country skiing and Snowshoeing in winters. Visit the historic village of Killarney which was founded in 1820 as a trading post on the famous Georgian Bay. This is only 10 km away from the park and the abode for Herbert Fisheries fish.

  • Johnston Canyon, Alberta

  • This is one of the oldest national parks in Canada, hiking in Johnston Canyon is popular in all seasons, but during winter, the views of the snow-covered mountains become extremely dramatic. For grabbing the awesome views of the frozen falls at Banff take 2 km hike to the lower falls or make 4 km hike to the upper falls.

  • Silent lake

  • Try ice fishing or go for skiing in the groomed 40 km cross country ski trails beckon in the silent lake. This is a great place for camping enthusiasts, mountain bikers and nature lovers. This is a hidden gem nearby your home where you can do a lot of activities. So either pitch a tent or spend time exploring this amazing place for winter trails.

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