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Spring and Summer Must Have Outdoor Accessories

Spring and Summer Must Have Outdoor Accessories

After months of snow and cold, the snow is fast melting, the days are getting warmer, trees and plants are blooming and the scent of spring is in the air; a heady scent indeed. To welcome spring and summer, you need to do it in style. Add must-have items and accessories to embrace the vibrant colors and exciting infinite opportunities to go outsides during these seasons. Here are some of them:



With spring and summer rolling in, you have more daylight hours to go hiking and camping where you can have great views of the scenery around you, clean air and a connection to nature to soothe your wildest backtracking dreams! This sleeping bag is a three-season bag for cool and warm weather camping with a durable polyester cover and a snag-free zipper which makes it easy to use, bundle up and wash using a machine.



A sleeping bag liner can help protect you and your bag when sleeping in somewhat unhygienic conditions. It is satin and soft, with generous space to move around in and even use it as a sleeping bag when temperatures are high when camping out. It is easy to wash and convenient to carry around when you go camping or hiking.



The approaching spring and summer seasons are great to finally pull your bike from your garage and see if your legs and hamstrings can still endure hard biking! For this reason, the BeetleBag Bicycle Frame Bag is a must-have item as it is able to fit in a change of clothes, tools, snacks and other items you wish to carry with you on your biking trip. The bag also has small compartments that are great for your wallet, phone, keys, lights and locks. To cap it all, the fabric is water resistance and hence this will keep your items protected. With this bag, you can enjoy the biking trip, hikes and other outdoor adventures you choose to take on.



The snow is not melted yet. But neither is it deep enough to warrant skis or snow mobiles! Instead these edgy cool snow cleats will give you the maneuverability, style and comfort that you desire and hence make it possible for you to go hiking, jogging and walking outside enjoying the air after being largely cooped up indoors during most of the heavy winter season unable to explore. The cleats have rubber elastomer, stainless steel chains and spikes for durability and are a great choice when you need to go exploring in the snowy outdoors.



Spring and summer usually means you spend more time outdoors and engage in more outdoorsy activities. The Nalgene bottle made with BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester able to withstand high impact is a great solution to carry your water. It is compatible with most water filter and can be used to store both warm and cold drinks.