What You Should Be Eating When Preparing For A Marathon Race

What You Should Be Eating When Preparing For A Marathon Race

Diets might be an option for the average person on the street, but for an athlete or runner who knows his/her worth, a good diet is everything. Runners, especially endurance runners need to be especially fit and healthy at all times. Running is a good way to get some exercise and it is also good to optimize for performance by eating a good and healthy diet. Eating the right food will help prepare you for running a race.

So, what kinds of foods are actually great for a runner? What does a marathon runner need to eat in order to be in good shape and be prepared for the race? It’s all about the individual runner sometimes. But at the end of the day, everyone seeks to optimize the body for their races.

Factors that affect a runner’s diet

These factors may vary from individual to individual. But these are the basic standards to consider when building a meal plan or shopping for runner’s food.

  1. Body type
  2. Distance to be run
  3. Intensity
  4. Experience


After considering all these factors, you can go on to get the right food for you. Remember to enjoy your food and make provisions to be consistent with satisfying your meal requirements.

What to Eat

As a runner or marathon runner, your diet plans, meals or food should have been in tandem with your training regime. You are allowed to eat a lot, if you burn lots of calories during training, a refuel is usually required.

Most runners binge on food supplements that might not meet all their needs well enough. Running is an intense sport that burns up calories fast. But when you supply your body with basic supplements, you miss out on all those wonderful extras involved there-in.  The goodness of fresh whole foods should never be traded up for supplements. Here are some basic whole foods that work great for runners.

What you should eat when preparing for a marathon run.

  1. Oatmeal: This super-light, filling food is a great way to get started in the morning.
  2. Seeds: Nuts, beans, grains, peas are all power-packed health boosters. Being that they are little packets of nourishment to the new plants they are becoming, seeds are unquestionably healthy. Asides essential fats and proteins, plants seeds also contain phenolic and ferulic acid. People who eat lots of whole grain and fruits suffer fewer issues of high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.
  3. Fruits and vegetables: The various colors of fruits and vegetables come with their own benefits. Indulge in some colorful plates of veggies and fruits to get calorie-low goodness on the go.
  4. Unpeeled plant skins: Resist the urge to peel the skin off those apples, and please don’t shave off the cucumbers. The skin of these fruits and veggies are a big power house of their own.
  5. Dairy: As much as you might like to go vegan, it would most definitely affect your stamina. Dairy products should not be supplemented by soy or other such options. Calcium for strong bones, protein for bulkier muscles are products of milk.
  6. Sea food: Real omega 3 gurus come from beneath the water. Lower depression rates, lower risk of heart disease and others are enough reasons to indulge.
  7. Meats: Lean meats, poultry, eggs and dairy are all great options for refueling your protein lag. They are also rich in iron and zinc which are very important in a runner’s diet since iron is necessary for blood cells formation. Zinc also happens to help build the immune system. Meats are the best source of these minerals.


Well we do hope you can indulge in some of these meals to boost your diet and attain the necessary health and stamina for your races. All the best and good luck with your race!

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