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It's the time of that year again.

The weather may be a lot cooler, and you are thinking of opting out of camping. Those who have camped in the fall never stopped the ritual of camping every fall because they were able to easily enjoy steamy fall scenery, and explore the world of the outdoors. You too can. You can stare at the star-filled nights even in the cold, and you wouldn't be uncomfortable. All you need to do is grab the following gears.

    1. Get A Sleeping Bag Designed For The Cold Weather.

There are sleeping bags in the market that are built to protect one against low temperature like 0-30 degrees F. This will help ward off cold. You can also procure two sleeping bags, or you can opt for the mummy sleeping bags.

  1. Get Your Equipment Tested

Before you head to the camp with your gear, it is important that you test them for functionality at home. You can easily get your tent set up in the backyard to ensure it is working.


    1. Buy A Good Tent

Do not opt for a tent because it is cheap, and ignore its functionality. Procure a great three-season tent. You should get a full rain fly to prevent moisture from seeping in and get a tent footprint or tarp to ward off moisture too. Getting an additional tarp won't be a bad idea.


    1. Go with your sleeping pads.

The sleeping pads are great if you want to get your body insulated from the cold earth. You can procure a great closed-cell pad, at the store. It will help you retain heat and be warm.


  1. Go camping with a clothing mix for the purpose of layering.

Layering allows you to be comfortable as you camp in the fall. Go camping with a layer of clothes that are both water-resistant and breathable. You could go with synthetic materials, as well as fleece and wool to keep you both dry and warm. Do not go with cotton clothing because they are known to absorb water easily.

Some essential clothing that you should go with include:

  • underwear that is moisture repellant. The underwear should not absorb moisture easily like cotton
  • a wool sweater, or a fleece one, or one made from synthetic materials that can warm you up
  • a water and wind resistant jacket
  • a winter cap to use while sleeping or in the day
  • more than one pair of mittens or gloves.
  1. Get set for the rain by getting yourself a backpack that comes with a rain cover. Come with plastic garbage bags to ward off moisture, and protect your gadgets from water.

You can also come with watertight containers.

  1. Don't forget to go camping with a sunscreen and insect repellant.


  1. If you can, carry your pile of woods to camp because dried firewood becomes rare in autumn.


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