Yatta Life Anti Slip Trail Ice Grippers, Designed for the Outdoor Recreationalist

Yatta Life Anti Slip Trail Ice Grippers, Designed for the Outdoor Recreationalist

January 10, 2018

Yatta Life The Winter Ice grips for Shoes

 Canadian winters are not for the faint of heart – they can bring months of snow, ice and hazardous wintry conditions. That can make getting outdoors challenging, if not impossible, especially if hiking trails are glazed over with a thin layer of ice or roads are covered with patches of snow and ice. With that in mind, Yatta Life ice cleats have been designed to empower anyone who dreams of experiencing the great outdoors during the coldest months of the Canadian winter.

Anti Slip Ice Grippers for Winter Traction Microspikes

The first thing you’ll notice about the Yatta Life snow cleats is just how compact they are. When most people think of ice cleats for shoes or ice cleats for boots, they probably imagine a product that is bulky, heavy and certainly not something that you might pack away in a weekend duffel bag. But these Yatta Life ice grippers are surprisingly light and compact, designed to be tucked away into a tiny gear bag or backpack when not being worn.

The secret to the Yatta Life winter traction system is the combination of a rubber elastomer upper and stainless steel chain with spikes attached to them. The rubber upper slips easily and conveniently over just about any type of shoe or boot within seconds, and the steel spikes are designed to grip firmly into any icy surface. Together, they create a tough, durable and effective winter traction system. You can think of them as ice shoes. There are no complex operating manuals or instructions – just slip them on, adjust them to the right tightness, and off you go!

 These shoe spikes for ice don’t play around, either. Unlike other types of cleats, the Yatta Life winter traction system uses stainless steel spikes, not steel coils. They are made of steel and are virtually indestructible. You can take them anywhere. Imagine hiking through the local woods in your town or confidently going for a run even in the dreariest of conditions. The steel is tough enough and strong enough to give you surefooted traction in even the worst of conditions – even when a sheet of ice has formed over roadways or trails.

Yatta Life Anti Slip Urban Spike for City Winter Running

 And, in response to needs of recreationalists in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, Yatta Life has introduced a new Urban Spike for city running and walking. They are designed for city dwellers who want to get out and about. Just strap on the Urban Spike, and the whole city is yours. You can still go out for your daily run, and you can also go for solitary winter walks at the local city parks. With Yatta Life urban ice spikes, no part of the city is off-limits anymore.

 In many ways, these ice spikes from Yatta Life are designed to empower recreationalists – the type of people who enjoy spending time outdoors, whether with friends or alone. Recreationalists are doers – people who enjoy being active, not being bundled up in sweaters, scarves and parkas, watching the world pass them by for several months a year. With this Yatta Life winter traction system, you’ll be able to do just about anything, no matter how much snow or ice is out there.

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