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Yatta Life Mount Tracks + Ice Grips

Extra Large
  • Care Instruction

    After using your Yatta Life spikes we recommend running your spikes under water and drying them with a towel. Once the spikes are dry put the spikes back in your Yatta Life storage bag for your next outdoor adventure.

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About Spike

Grippy, durable, slip-on traction systems, with strategically placed stainless steel spikes connected to a dynamic flex-chain with tough elastomer shoe harnesses. Ease your bad-weather anxieties and invest in a pair of these durable and essential YATTA LIFE crampons to arm yourself against unpredictable and potentially hazadous terrrain.

Providing a firm grip and instant traction on snow and ice and attaching securely and effortlessly, you'll be able to handle any adventure that comes your way.


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