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Yatta Life Ultimate Unisex Waterproof Socks

Extra Large


Bamboo rayon inner, mid weight


Outer: 98% nylon, 2% elastic

Interlining: waterproof & breathable


Inner: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% nylon

This over ankle length socks with a highly visible colored is developed to provide superb flexibility and compression. Suitable for a multitude of outdoor activities in wet conditions: MTB, trail running, cycling, hiking, fishing etc.

  • YATTA LIFE™ waterproof breathable socks are available in four sizes:
  • YATTA LIFE™ Socks are not a pair of usual outdoor socks but a pair of technical composite products. An improper treatment will ruin the performance or even damage the products, so please observe the symbols carefully. Be careful of not getting the membrane punctured or it will leak. Do wear the socks inside boots as they are socks not shoes. A good care will significantly extend the product life and they will care you for longer. Washing… YATTA LIFE™ is machine washable below 40°C, but we highly recommend to wash by hand as a proper care to extend its life. Drying… YATTA LIFE™ is absolutely not suitable to be dried on any direct heat sources such as a radiator, or an iron, otherwise it will delaminate - split. The proper way to dry after washing is to turn inside out and spin dry without heating then turn outside to hang in a good air flowing condition to drip dry overnight. Do not tumble dry. The followings are YATTA LIFE™ wash care instructions:

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About Spike

Grippy, durable, slip-on traction systems, with strategically placed stainless steel spikes connected to a dynamic flex-chain with tough elastomer shoe harnesses. Ease your bad-weather anxieties and invest in a pair of these durable and essential YATTA LIFE crampons to arm yourself against unpredictable and potentially hazardous terrain.

Providing a firm grip and instant traction on snow and ice and attaching securely and effortlessly, you'll be able to handle any adventure that comes your way.


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