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Shin Splints Remedy for New Runners

Shin Splints Remedy for New Runners

Shin splints are one of the most common ailments that runners struggle with. They most commonly occur when you’ve just started running for the first time, you’ve just returned to running after some time off, or when you start training more intensely. Unfortunately they can also sometimes occur with no warning, even if your regular running habits haven’t changed. We aren’t doctors and can’t offer medical advice, but if you begin to experience what you suspect are shin splints, we have some tips you can try below.

So, what are shin splints? Essentially, shin splints are stress on your shinbone. This presents as painful inflammation in the connective tissues that attach muscles to your bones.

What is the treatment for shin splints? The good news is that they can heal on their own. The challenging news is that they need to be taken seriously to ensure they heal completely and don’t just come right back. The following are the first steps you can take if you get them:

  • Shin splints take time to heal, and you need to rest your legs completely.
  • You can ice the affected shin to ease your pain and any swelling. Apply ice for 20-30 minutes every, 3 to 4 times a day, for 2 to 3 days, or until the pain is gone.
  • Consider trying out a new pair of shoes. It’s possible that they may have reached their maximum mileage limits. If they’re still fairly new, you might consider insoles or orthotics. Since weak arches can often be the culprit behind shin splints, the extra support from inserts might be a huge help for you.
  • Incorporate a stretching routine that targets shin splints specifically.

What are some shin splint stretches? Here are a few you can try.

  1. Toe-drag stretch. This stretch will extend from the top of your foot up into your shin, the aim is to release tension and stiffness. To stretch the muscle in your shin, begin by standing up straight and slightly bending both knees. Keep one foot flat on the ground and curl the toes on the other foot under, in order to gently “drag” the top of the foot on the floor. Hold for 15-30 seconds then alternate feet.
  2. A kneeling stretch. Kneel on a mat with your buttocks directly over your heels. The tops of your feet should be flat on the floor. Hold this stretch for 15-30 seconds. Discontinue if this causes knee comfort.
  3. Simple shin stretch. Walk around at a normal pace with your weight shifted onto your heels, with your toes off the ground slightly. Alternate the to walking on your toes, with heels lifted.

These few moves should make your calves feel gently stretched and flexible. Shin splint pain can be very discouraging, but know that if they happen to you, there are treatments for shin splints, and they won’t last forever.








Top Marathon and Races Around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

Top Marathon and Races Around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

Running knows no boundaries, language or geographical. It is a global sport that you can take part in from any country in the world. All you need is great physical fitness and a determination to be part of a challenge. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 1000 marathons each year according to Running USA. However, did you know you can take part in marathons outside your country while also feeding your wanderlust? Here are several global marathons you should join this year and why:

The Great Wall Marathon

Top Marathon or Races around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

Held in China’s popular attraction, the Great Wall, the marathon consists of two sections the first of which covers 9km of running across and down the wall’s thousands of steps. In the second section however, runners run through rice fields and quaint villages a trail made of asphalt and gravel. In case you only want to take part in a half marathon, this will require you to run through a local picturesque village, up the wall and  over it and then a downhill 5km run to complete the half marathon event. First established in 2002, the yearly event’s Great Wall Marathon and Half Marathon starting time is at 7.30 am while a Fun Run starts at 8.10am.  With drink stations at every 5km, a pasta party and post-race dinner an option, this marathon is one you want to run indeed.

The 3 Waters Marathon Bunbury, Western Australia

Top Marathon or Races around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

This festival consists of a 50km Ultra Marathon, a Marathon spanning 42KM, a 21km Half Marathon and race and walking events spanning 5km and 10km. The yearly event is a great way to showcase the amazing scenery in Bunbury as it offers great views of the Leschenault Inlet, Koombana Bay, the Indian Ocean and also includes viewing of the Bunbury Big Swamp which is a conservation wetland providing wildlife sanctuary.

Marathon Des Sables

Top Marathon or Races around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

Have you wanted to push your limit beyond the usual 50km? The Marathon Des Sable will do just that for you. It is a 215 km race in Morocco, underneath the Sahara Desert’s sun. I’ll let you collect your dropped jaw! This Marathon of Sands was first run in 1986 and attracts over 800 runners yearly. It has 6 stages one of which is a non-stop stage spanning 80km and runners are expected to carry their own gear, that is, food (minimum 14000 cal.), clothes, survival kit, stove and water. It usually takes 10 days to go from Paris to Morocco and back. An adventure you don’t want to miss.

Marathon of the Midnight Sun

The summer race is held in Tromso, Norway, the heart of the Arctic Circle. Where the sun doesn’t set during the summer. Known as the world’s northernmost race. Most of the city is located on the island of Tromsoya, surrounded by calm waters and spectacularly rugged snow-topped mountains. 

Bagan Temple Marathon

Top Marathon or Races around the World That You Should Be Joining This Year and Why

If you are a fan of great scenery and picturesque buildings, this marathon is one you should sign up for. It takes you through sacred pagodas and amazing temples across beautiful rolling plains in Bagan Central Burma.